• RS Wines & Spirits - Darren Teoh

    Darren Teoh

    The premium Zefina red wine from Chile has a delicious and refreshing taste. It is full body, has firm aftertaste, and it exudes strong fruit and spice aromas. It surpasses my expectation! My personal preference is Zefina’s Cabernet Sauvigno. It has remarkably high tannins and a distinct note of green pepper flavour. It is full-bodied, bold, dry and has a long aftertaste - best paired with my favourite beef and lamb! Strongly recommended.

    Publisher, Entrepreneur and Strategist The Page 商页 , EVOLCARE
  • RS Wines & Spirits - Mandy Chin

    Mandy Chin

    A lovely Cabernet Sauvignon by Zefina from Curicó Valley. A ruby red, deep coloured wine. Aromas of blackcurrant, black cherry, bell peppers, eucalyptus and a hint of vanilla. It’s round, fleshy, with elegant tannin and good structure. May go with food or it’s good just on it’s own!

    Co-Founder of Gallo Wine Bar, Wine Lah! (Wine & Music Fest), Monkey Bar & Mamamom


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